Auburn Avenue Media is the Audio/Video Ministry of Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church in Monroe, Louisiana. We offer a wide variety of audio and video resources available to order from this website.

This ministry seeks to provide Auburn Avenue members and our brothers and sisters in Christ with resources and tools that can teach and edify them. Media has taken on a more prominent role in the Church over the past years. It is our hope that we can aid the Church in the work that She is doing. This ministry is coordinated by Jarrod Richey and overseen by the Session of Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Auburn Avenue Media seeks to partner with the Church to edify, teach, and strengthen the Body of Christ with resources that are both audio and video. We want to see the body of Christ strengthened in the pew and in the world. In the modern evangelical church the term, "Media" often has come to mean "TV Ministry." That is not our focus at Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church. We don't want to further feed a generation's misconception that "watching a service on Sunday morning" is "just as good as attending." We are happy to use media to further our Kingdom work.

LIVE VIDEO STREAM of Weekly Services: